Karnataka Assembly Bans Cellphones After BJP MLA Caught Zooming In Priyanka Gandhi Picture

Politics of India has been degrading due to few politicians who have been always there to embarrass Indian ethnicity and traditions which is being appreciated across the globe and have been inspiring icons for the youth and young generations where few political leaders won’t even step back to pass on provocative statements such as “They are males so they can do rape- By Mulyam Singh Yadav” and many more ill measures fellow politicians. They have been ruining the public funds wasting most of the time in legislative assemblies and parliaments creating a mess of all unwanted roars simply adjourning the house when public issues were supposed to be solved and discussed. A similar kind of ignominious incident occurred in Karnataka legislative assembly.

Karnataka BJP MLA Prabhu Chavan Suspended by Speaker  Kagodu Thimappa

Karnataka Assembly Bans Cellphones After BJP MLA Caught Zooming In Priyanka Gandhi Picture

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Use of mobile phones in the Karnataka Assembly was banned on Friday, a day after the House was rocked by chaos over a BJP member watching a zoomed in picture of Priyanka Gandhi during proceedings. BJP MLA Prabhu Chavan was caught surfing photographs on his cell phone during a serious debate on sugarcane pricing in the legislative assembly on Wednesday. TV footage showed Aurad legislator Prabhu Chavan zooming in a photograph of Priyanka Gandhi, setting off a firestorm of criticism.  This leaded an uproar and chaos in the legislative assembly. BJP MLA Prabhu Chavan was suspended by the speaker Kagodu Thimappa and he said in an official announcement that “I hereby pronounce that the use of mobile phones in the state assembly is banned. Since Prabhu Chavan was watching a picture in an indecent manner, he is herewith suspended for a day from attending house proceedings.”

Formation of Legislature Ethics Committee

Adding to this Karnataka speaker Kagodu Thimappa also announced formation of legislature ethics committee, which will help mould the personality of legislators, monitor their behavior in the House and legislative capabilities and enhance the dignity, decorum and prestige of the Assembly. “Already a legislature ethics committee has been formed in the Upper House but has not met even once. However, such a committee also will be constituted in the lower house,” he added. After banning the mobiles in assembly and passing an official proclamation on Thursday Karnataka Assembly proceedings were paralyzed amid chaos over the BJP MLA’s conduct, with ruling Congress members on the offensive demanding action against the legislator. The members said Chavan’s “unacceptable” conduct had hurt the dignity of their leader and demanded action against him. While the BJP Members of the legislative assembly too demanded two-day suspension of Ambareesh and Mallikarjun of congress from the House, alleging they were also surfing through mobile phones during proceedings.

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Aurad BJP legislator Prabhu Chavan Apologizes

Karnataka Assembly Bans Cellphones After BJP MLA Caught Zooming In Priyanka Gandhi Picture

Aurad legislator Prabhu Chavan said that “I opened the phone as I got a message. I found Priyanka’s picture while watching the photos of my family, photos of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi along with Sonia Gandhi. There was a slogan below, I was watching it, I can show you. I was watching slogan below (the photo).” Asked if it was right to use the phone inside the assembly, the MLA apologized. His equally flustered colleague Subramanya claimed that Chavan was showing family pictures. “He had invited me to his daughter’s wedding which I couldn’t attend. He showed me his family picture and said, ‘Dekho, meri beti aur damad’. This lasted three seconds. I asked him to switch off the mobile, and he obliged” claimed Subramanya.

Politicians Are Supposed to Preach Good and Role Model to Public

What kind of message and inspiration does this act of a public representative deliver to the youngsters and many other people who elected him? Doesn’t that inspire and provoke inappreciable acts such as usage of mobiles and behaving sick in prohibited places. Doesn’t that provoke for exploitation of woman’s rights? Where do these politicians stand where they promise of abolishing and banning websites which feature adult and porn content? India has been a land where it is believed that whenever women are given their due respect, even the deities like to reside there and where they are not respected, all action remains unfruitful.

BJP MLA's Laxman Savadi, Krishna J Palemar and CC Patil watching Porn

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This is not an initial incident while there have been various unfortunate incidents which have been defaming and imparting ill fame to the august houses of India. Earlier BJP MLA U B Banakar playing video games during a debate on the plight of sugarcane growers on Wednesday. In February 2012, three BJP ministers — Laxman Savadi, Krishna J Palemar and CC Patil — were found watching porn in the assembly. Let us all wish such a kind of political leaders aren’t nominated who have been not worth of being elected. Stay tuned to us for more feeds and updates of all disciplines across the world.

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