‘Kiss of Love’ Controversy in Hyderabad Central University (HCU)

“Kiss Of Love” is – a non-violent protest against moral policing in Kerala’s Kochi district on Sunday, Nov 2. Ever since it’s inspectional launch and proclamation of the events falling out Kiss Of Love has been a controversial issue Kerala State and a few geographical locations where the support for the event kiss of love has been acclaimed. Kiss Of Love was an campaign initiated to protest against the moral policing and express freedom of love. The call for the event Kiss Of Love embarked on with the BJP youth wing activists who attacked on a coffee shop.

kissoflove on kiss day at Marine drive Kochi

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Kerala High Court and Police Department Denies Permit To Kiss Of Love:

Although the high court of Kerala and Police department denied permission for the organisation of Kiss Of Love event. Moral policing members are opposing the event stating that Kiss Of Love and these kind of events are against Indian culture and tradition. Opposing Kiss of Love event protestors sounded out as not only political parties, even the residents and entire community should protest this kind of wrong behaviour. What are they up to, to kiss in open place and organise such events, it is spoiling our age old culture and tradition. Such activities are not at all acceptable.

Controversies in Kiss Of Love:

Kiss Of Love Controversy in Hyderabad (HCU):

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