Krishna Sobti Passes Away at 93

93-year-old Krishna Sobti passed away on Friday
93-year-old Krishna Sobti passed away on Friday

Krishna Sobti a well-known Hindi Author has passed away on Friday, she was 93-years-old.

Ashok Maheshwari said that She passed away in a Delhi Hospital, she was a admitted there for the last two months.

Ashok Maheshwari said: “She was about to complete her 94 years in February, so an age factor was there no doubt. For the last one week she was in the ICU.”

Resources say that the last religious rites were perfomed yesterday 4pm in the Nigam Bod Ghat of Delhi.

Ashok Maheshwari said: “Even after being extremely sick, she was very much aware about her thoughts, about what was happening in the society.”

Krishna Sobti was one of the most well-known and renowned writers of our time, she created her own personality in literature.  Her last book which is named “Channa” was showcased during the New Delhi World Book Fair on the 11th of January this year.

This book is her first novel which was written around 60-years ago, but due to some unfortunate events the book was never published.

Krishna Sobti was born in 1925, she was known well for writing about sexuality, and issues that are faced by women in this generation.

Some of her greatest works included Mitro Marjani, Zindaginama and Surajmukhi Andhere Ke.

Krishna Sobti received awards like the Jnanpith, Sahitya Akademi, and the Padma Bhusha which she chose not to take.

Renowned poet Ashok Vajpeyi labeled Krishna Sobti as the “trustee of Indian democracy” because of her contribution to the Indian Literature.

Ashok Vajpeyi said: “What she has done for Indian literature is unmatched. Her social message was very clear through her work, if we can call an author a trustee of democracy and constitution, she was it.

“She fought for equality and justice throughout her life. She was not just an eminent author of Hindi, but the entire Indian literature.”

He called her death as a huge loss in the literature of India, he added that she was the key in writing for women’s honour.

Mr Chakradhar said: “Her Mitro Marjani established a new type of writing style in Indian literature. I was lucky to have known her. And her demise is not just a loss for our country but the entire world.”

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