Madhya Pradesh: Son of BJP Lawmaker Arrested After Caught With 3 Grams of Heroin

Police Report: 3 men were arrested in Mandla, Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday after getting caught with heroin, amongst the 3 men was the son of BJP Lawmaker Sampatiya Uike.

The police seized 3.380 grams of Heroin which was placed in 41 packets, the three men have been arrested by the police. The 3 men have been identified as Satendra the son of the BJP lawmaker, Shahrukh, and Abhishek.

The police recovered 17 heroin packets from Satendra, the son a BJP Rajya Sabha lawmaker, 10 from Shahrukh, and 4 from Abhishek.

RRS Parihar said that the police seized 3.380 grams of heroin on Wednesday after a Honda Brio car sped after seeing the cops. They chased the car and after stopping it they recovered a total of 41 sachets of heroin from the 3 men.

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