Madhya Pradesh: Uncle Kills 5-Year-Old Nephew And Dumps His Body Near A Drain

Police Report: A 19-year-old uncle was arrested in Satna, Madhya Pradesh after he kidnapped and murdered his 5-year-old nephew. The dead body of the 5-year-old kid was found near a drain and was placed inside a bag.

According to the police, the 19-year-old uncle kidnapped the 5-year-old boy on Tuesday when the kid was playing near his house. The 19-year-old asked for Rs. 2 Lakhs as a ransom.

The police said that they arrested the man after he started to make calls to the family of the 5-year-old boy. After they arrested him, he confessed that he killed the kid.

The news shocked a lot of people in Madhya Pradesh, the case is believed to be the worst child murder and kidnapping that happened in the state.

In February, twin brothers that were 6-years-old got kidnapped from a school in Chitrakoot. Both of their dead bodies were found in the Yamuna River.


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