Maharashtra: Husband Poisons His Wife And Tries To Kill Their 2 Kids

Police Report: On Thursday, the Thane Police arrested a 40-year-old Man for allegedly poisoning his wife and for trying to kill their 2 kids, the man is reported to be from Badlapur.

40-year-old S Bhosle will face several sections of Indian Penal Codes like 302, 307, and 498-A.

On Wednesday, a complaint was registered against the man at the Badlapur East Police Station, the complaint was registered by the father of the deceased wife.

S Bhosle and his wife had been married for 9 years.

Preliminary investigations revealed that 40-year-old S Bhosle used to beat up his wife a lot when she refused to give him money for liquor. Bhosle also owns a lot of money from a couple of people.

The police said that S Bhosle gave a cold drink with rat poison to his 2 kids and his wife.

The wife of Bhosle passed away inside the Hospital on Wednesday, the 2 kids are still being treated in the same hospital.

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