Man Attacks Wife With A Chopper While She Was Watching A Pakistani Show  

Police Report: A 40-year-old husband attacked his wife by using a chopper after he felt like his wife was paying too much attention to watching Pakistani TV shows on her cellphone.

The 40-year-old man has been identified as Asif Sattar Nayab, he owns a business that installs hoardings, he lives near the Salisbury Park area of Pune.

The police said that Asif Sattar Nayab was arrested and was charged with attempted murder, his wife registered a complaint against him on Monday.

The police added that Asif Sattar Nayab and his wife had a quarrel on the morning of Monday.

On Monday morning the wife Asif sent their son to buy milk from the local shop, after finding out that the milk pouch was damaged and some milk that he bought was spilled, the wife started to scold the son.

After Asif heard that she was scolding their son he intervened, eventually, both of them were caught in an argument.

In the complaint that was registered by the wife of Asif, she said that the quarrel also escalated on Monday evening when Asif came home and found out that she was not speaking with him. Asif tried to talk to her but she paid too much attention to watching a Pakistani Drama on her mobile and ignored her husband.

The police added that Asif felt like his wife gave more importance in watching the Pakistani Drama on her smartphone, which made him really mad. He decided to attack his wife with a chopper, the attack led to break her thumb in her right hand.

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