Prime Minister Narendra Modi Congratulates NASA On Pluto Mission Calls it “A Landmark Feat”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated NASA for its success in space exploration as its spaceship sent data and photos of Pluto. On Tuesday July 14th, NASA has created an history getting up a close view of Pluto which is almost 3 billion miles away. According to the reports, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft got humanity’s first up-close look at Pluto on Tuesday, sending word of its triumph across 3 billion miles to scientists waiting breathlessly back home.


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Modi On his Tweet “A landmark feat in space exploration as NASA’s aptly named spaceship sends back data & photos of Pluto from almost 3 billion miles away.”


“Congratulations to @NASA team. Their efforts will provide rich insights to enhance our understanding of our solar system,” Modi added.

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Modi applauded NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft on getting humanity’s first up-close look at Pluto. The signal received back home in the US confirms the probe has sailed pass its target successfully and it is now set to transmit a wealth of data – including several new high resolution images – from Pluto.Pluto is the first Kuiper Belt object visited by a mission from Earth.

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