Most Popular Indian Political Party Election Symbols From 1951

Election count down is started and main parties heavily promote their participants to win in this election. Symbols play key role in polling and that’s why most of the parties doesn’t change their symbols. But in starting days so many times, so many parties changed their party symbols.

Before the elections to India’s first Lok Sabha, back in 1951, the Election Commission of India released a list of approved elections symbols for different political parties. Here we list out those symbols for our readers to improve their knowledge before these elections.

indian political party symbols

Here we combine and placed 14 political party election symbols which are changed so many times. These symbols are indicative of how much Indian politics has changed over the last six decades.

We all know about the hand symbol that is now almost synonymous with the Indian National Congress but previously it was assigned to the Forward Bloc and Congress party election symbol was yoked oxen. Most of the symbols in the above picture are not present and also those parties are also not there. 

CPI is the one and only national party whose symbol remains unchanged from the starting days of elections in India. All India Bhartiya Jan Sangh had lamp symbol and kisan mazdoor praja party had hut symbol as their election symbol. Socialist party had tree election symbol which is most promising and other election symbols are listed above.

Most Popular Indian Political Party Election Symbols From 1951

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