Mount Carmel School Lucknow Admission 2019-20 Mount Carmel School Lucknow Admission 2019-20 – From parents who child touches four years of age between 1st September 2018 and 31st August 2019, Applications are invited in September 2018 from such families. Regarding Waiting – Showing Continuing interest, Board of Controller of Admission has unveiled that in addition to their right of appearing, unsuccessful candidates will be offered the opportunity to be placed on file. This file will be maintained at least until 31st August 2020 in order of the over-subscription criteria set out above and not in the order in which applications are received or added to the list.

In the last case, verdict finalising committee looked into following four most important matters of the same i.e. Any other information which the parent requests the Admissions panel to consider; whether delayed social, emotion or physical development is adversely affecting their readiness for school; In the case of children born prematurely the fact that they may have naturally fallen into the lower age group if they had been born on their expected date of birth; The needs of the child and the possible impact on them of entering year 1 without having first attended the reception class.

To get the latest news related to Mount Carmel School Lucknow Admission 2019-20, please download this official notification in PDF format and read the complete details given on official website as well. In accordance with Admission Criteria for the Academic Year 2019/2020Mount Carmel School Lucknow Admission 2019-20, a most important document containing almost all the information of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School is released and now published on school’s official website. For more authorised updates and latest news related to Mount Carmel School Lucknow such as Mount Carmel School Lucknow Admission 2019-209, please make sure to go through below provided links –

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