MS Dhoni’s Rhiti Sports To File Case On Spartan Sports Company Upon Dispute Of Endorsement Deal

Endorsements for a successful sportsperson are common these days. The sportsperson earns lots and lots of money through endorsements. But if he was cheated in a game for which he being known, it hurts a lot and it also leads to many misconceptions.

Dhoni's Spartan Bat

Coming to the point, in a span of more than 13 years, cricketers go through a lot. Well in few occasions due to frustration, they do things that they shouldn’t have done. If we talk about MS Dhoni in this regard, there are hardly a few things in his life that he regrets about.

One such thing is that his calm and composure. Though MS Dhoni retired from Test Cricket, he still remains one of the biggest endorsement magnets in Indian Advertising market. Such is his dominance and his fame.

Dhoni being cheated

“His overall income through endorsement as stated by Forbes Magazine is whopping 27 MILLION USD.”

Australian Sports Company ‘Spartan Sports’ had struck a sponsorship deal with M.S Dhoni in 2013 worth of Rs 13 Crores for 3 years. According to the reports, it is revealed that the 3 years sponsorship deal worth Rs 13 crore has gone sour with Australian based ‘Spartan Sports’, regularly defaulting on payments.

Dhoni Spartan

Rhiti Sports Is Considering To Take Legal Action on Spartan Sports:

Dhoni’s brand management company Rhiti Sports said that the Spartan Sports has only paid four instalments so far, the last which arrived in May 2016. Hence, Rhiti Sports are now planning to take legal action against the Spartan Sports Company. When asked about the deal, Rhiti sports manager Arun Pandey said: “everything is not smooth and hopefully the matter will be resolved soon”.

Spartan Company deal

This news came after a couple of days when Sachin Tendulkar was announced as an investor at Spartan Sports Company. Apart from M.S Dhoni the Australian Sports company ‘Spartan Sports’ has sponsorship deals with Michael Clark, Chris Gayle, Mitchell Johnson and Eoin Morgan.

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