Mumbai Man Who Took Business And Housing Loans Worth Rs. 3 Crores With Forged Documents Sentenced To Life Imprisonment

A 38-year-old man from Mumbai was sentenced to life imprisonment for cheating a bank by using forged documents to take housing and business loans that have a total worth of Rs. 3 Crores, the man was sentenced in a special CBI court.

38-year-old Rajendra Patil was also asked to pay a fine of Rs. 3.13 crores. The bank manager who helped him getting the loans was also sentenced to serve 10 years in jail for abusing his position.

Special Court Judge S R Tamboli found 38-year-old Rajendra Patil guilty on 16 different counts and handed him life imprisonment for 2 separate charges. The man also claimed that he is the nephew of a senior leader of the NCP.

61-year-old Bandalmundi Mahipal, the branch manager of the Andhra Bank, is the manager who helped him get the loans, he was found guilty under the Prevention of Corruption Act, the manger took Rs. 75,000 as a bribe from Patil.

The manager was asked to pay Rs. 3.4 lakhs.

Special Court Judge S R Tamboli asked Patil to pay Rs. 3 crores to the Ghoodbunder Road Branch of the bank.

Rajendra Patil took the loans in 2008 and 2009, he said he wanted to start a car rental company and buy a house.

Patil did buy the house, but he did not buy the cars and did not pay back the loans.

Jitendra Sharma, a special public prosecutor said that Patil is also involved in other criminal cheating casese, he said, “He adopted a similar modus operandi and has cheated other banks.”

The loans came to light when Patil tried to get a loan from another bank. The bank alerted the Andhra Bank, in which a probe was launched, the complaint was filed in 2010.

Officials said that Patil owed Rs. 5 crores in 2010 and added that he did not repay any of the loans he took from the bank.

32-year-old Reshma, the wife of Patil, 42-year-old Nizamuddin Surve, and 47-year-old Premnath Nikumbe, the supervising officer of the Bharat Bank in Thane were sentenced to serve 3 years in prison for helping out Patil.

58-year-old Chandan Ram Sumaya, the Managing Director of those companies which created the forged documents of Patil was also acquitted.

The prosecution added that 61-year-old Bandalmundi Mahipal, the branch manager of the Andhra Bank did a proper verification of the documents, but he did not check the business background of Patil.

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