Muzaffarnagar Riot Case Eyewitness Killed Days Ahead Of Hearing

Police Report: An eyewitness who saw the killers of his 2 brothers in the Muzaffarnagar Riot Case has been killed in Khatoli.

The Muzaffarnagar riots happened in August and September 2013 which caused to 60 deaths and displaced around forty-thousand people.

Ashfaq an eyewitness in the riot case was killed on Monday, the police said that he was shot in the Khatoli Area.

8 people are currently facing trial for killing the 2 brothers of Ashfaq, the next hearing for the case was set on March 25, 2019.

The police are currently looking at the CCTV footage to identify the killer of Ashfaq, the police said that Ashfaq was shot dead when he was about to go out and deliver milk.

Ashfaq was an eyewitness who saw the killers of his 2 brothers, Shahid and Nawab, in the Muzaffarnagar riots. Reports say that Ashfaq has received a lot of death threats if he did not withdraw the case.

Some reports suggest that Ashfaq asked the local police to give him protection after he started to get the death threats.

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