Narendra Modi: 10 Facts you need to know about the 14th Prime Minister of India

Narendra Damodardas Modi was born on 17 September 1950. He is the designated Prime Minister of India, who will be sworn in on 26 May 2014. Modi was a key strategist for the BJP in the successful 1995 and 1998 Gujarat state election campaigns, and was a major campaign figure in the 2009 general elections, eventually won by the Indian National Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

Facts about Narendra Modi:

Narendra Modi is the India’s 14th prime minister, winning the largest democratic election of all time, and securing the largest mandate any Indian prime minister has won since 1984.

 Narendra Modi’s hobbies are photography and poetry. He loves writing and he is major contributor during his rallies speeches. Narendra Modi also held an exhibition of photographs clicked by him.

Modi’s political and cultural ideology stems from “Hindutva” a hardline brand of Hindu nationalism followed by his party, the BJP

Modi has modeled himself as the “Development Man” and has been endorsed by some of the world’s richest Indian businessmen. He has attracted huge investments in his home state of Gujarat where the economy has grown 10% a year, higher than the Indian average, for much of the last decade.

Narendra Modi was married to Jashodaben Chimanlal. His wife of 46 years was kept a secret until now, the marriage was never consummated. While BJP’s manifesto recognizes the importance of women’s development and security, his personal and political approach to women is ambiguous.

Narendra Modi was denied diplomatic visa in 2005 from USA. The U.S. government has denied Modi a visa since nine years for his failure as a leader of the state of Gujarat to stop deadly communal riots which killed over 1,000 people, mainly Muslims

After five weeks of voting attended by about 550 million voters , the voting figures show that the Hindu nationalist and pro – business leader , with his party, is heading the overwhelming electoral victory in the last 30 years.

Social media and technology played a large role in Modi’s campaign. He is an avid tweeter with nearly 4 million followers. He joined the election selfie trend, he blogged, and he appeared as a hologram at several rallies in his efforts to portray the BJP as a progressive, technocratic party that can lead India into the 21st century. He has many followers in social media.

Modi’s provocative speeches and impactful delivery make him one of India’s most effective public speakers in politics. In interviews, he is measured and articulate. Although he understands English, he is not comfortable speaking it.

Modi visited China four times during his tenure as Gujarat’s chief minister and has successfully courted Chinese investments in the state. China expects Modi to be “pragmatic” and have a “more flexible” economic policy toward the country.

Narendra Modi: 10 Facts you need to know about the 14th Prime Minister of India

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