New Delhi: Daughter Kills Parents With The Help Of Her Boyfriend

The New Delhi police arrested a woman and her boyfriend on Sunday from the village of Pachim Vihar after they allegedly killed her parents over a property dispute.

The boyfriend has been identified as Prince Dixit and the daughter of the killed parents have been identified as Davinder Kaur, the police believe that there are 2 other people who are involved in the crime.

 DCP Seju Kuruvilla said that the parents were killed on different days but were killed in a similar way.

Jageer Kaur, the mother of Davinder went to Jalandhar on February 10, 2019, to attend the funeral of his Father. While the mother of Davinder was gone, the couple intoxicated Gurmeet Singh the father of Davinder by putting sleeping pills in his tea.

After the Gurmeet became unconscious, Prince killed him and placed his dead body in a suitcase which they threw in a drain near the village of Sayed Nangloi.

The police added that Prince Dixit and the 2 other suspects that are involved in the murder case left for Lucknow after they killed Gurmeet.

On March 2, 2019, Jageer Kaur returned to Delhi, the daughter did the same thing and intoxicated her by putting sleeping pills in her tea, after she became unconscious she was killed. DCP Kuruvilla said that her body was also thrown in the same drain and was also placed in a suitcase.

The Delhi police found the dead body of Jageer Kaur on March 8, after identifying her they also found out that Gurmeet was also missing. His dead body was found a day after.

After interrogating Davinder, the police saw a constant change in her statements and were not connected with the events.

Eventually, Davinder confessed the crime to the police and said “She wanted her parents to transfer the house in her name which they refused to do. Therefore, she hatched the conspiracy with her paramour.”

The police have assigned a team to solve the case and arrest the 2 other people who are involved in the case.

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