New Uniform for Telangana Police, No more khaki, TG police gets Dark Blue Uniform

Newly elect government of Telangana has resolved to implement and reform the TS Police Department where several modernised changes are going to be acquainted to serve the people of Telangana in the effective manner. The new modifications are going to be ushered in from 15th of august of this year. The lonesome and solitary objective of the new reforms is that to render the effective service along the lines of New York Police Department (NYPD) and London Police Department.

TG Khaki Uniform is Going to be Replaced:

The Khaki mark uniform of the Police Department is going to be replaced by the navy blue trousers and light blue shirts as a part of new reform change. Senior officials of the police department has stated that new uniform colour assumption and other mandatory changes need to be made in the State Police Manual as well however this change would not apply to IPS officers whose uniform codes are formed by the Government of India.

Thus the new dress code will be implemented to all police men from constable to the rank of SP’s would wear the New Uniform. The CM of Telengana is keen on and wishes wanted the police machinery to give the city police world-class look with international standards of work culture. A senior police official, unwilling to be quoted, said “Since all associated changes, like acquiring new vehicles and branding them to improve image of city police, should be introduced simultaneously, it would take some time,”. The higher wig officials are working on the colour combinations and patterns of uniforms with designers well the hearsay and the furphy is that it is going to be as like NYPD which constitutes modernises uniform.

DGP Anurag Sharma is going to be given presentation by the Police department higher officials who are working on the new dress code and other changes like colours of vehicles, and stickers, logos and emblems to be pasted factors. Which would be later forwarded to Home Ministry and CM of Telengana State. Present patrolling vehicles are to replaced by 1,650 Toyota Innova and 1,500 high end motorbikes to ensure that police can reach a crime spot within 10 minutes from anywhere in the city. While few police officers said the entire patrolling system would be made independent of local police stations to improve response time of police.

Well common people and citizens of the state at the same more or less few police personnel’s welcome the revolutionary change step as they believe and opine that this would lead to render better service to the people of Telangana and especially these days where we the crime rate figure is uprising. It is also believed in sensitive and crime prone areas new 1000 CCTV cameras going to be installed which would really result in abridging the crimes in Hyderabad. A few police personnel’s say it out that this kind of practices would result out very well in developed nations where as it is not going yield as much as expected.

We wish that new reforms would boost the confidence of the police personnel’s on duty and would serve at their best and the crimes would get reduced at never before lower rate and Hyderabad to consort as the best peace full city in the world.

New Uniform for Telangana Police, No more khaki, TG police gets Dark Blue Uniform

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