Nithin Karunakaran’s New Movie Titled as ”Chinnadana Nee Kosam”

Nithin currently under the direction of Karunakaran. The film recently completed its second program, and said it has completed 50% of the escape. Bollywood Damsel Mishti Chakraborty plays the female lead in this movie. Nithin wrote earlier today to name his film: “Soo the title of my film with karunakaran sir is CHINNADANA NEE KOSAM..let me know how u all liked it..”


New Script for Nithin:

Everyone knows that Nithin is going on hit’s, after a break Karunakar is in need of a big hit… so he prepared a very good script for Nithin. Diretor said that this script will be a another hit in Nithin’s carrier. Nithin fans are expecting a very big hit in this combination. As per the tollywood talk the story line of this latest upcoming tollywood movie CHINNADANA NEE KOSAM is going to be a big hit.

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