Noida: 29 People Arrested After Police Seize 12.2 Kilograms of Marijuana and 3141 Bottles of Illegal Liquor

Police Report: The Noida police arrested 29 people on Sunday in the district of Gautam Buddh Nagar, UP for allegedly selling illegal liquor and marijuana.

The police arrested the 29 people from the areas of Dankaur, Badalpur, Surajpur, Rabupura, Dankaur, Dadri, Sector 20, Phase 2, Phase 3, and Sector 49 of Noida.

The police seized 3141 bottles off illegal liquor in total, the operation was a day long.

The police also seized around 12 kilograms of Marijuana from the people.

14 illegal guns which include handmade pistols were also recovered from the arrested individuals.

The 29 people have been charged under several IPC and a probe for further investigation has been launched by the police.

The Gautam Buddh Nagar will start the polls on April 11, 2019, as their first phase of the Lokh Sabha Elections.

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