Well Played Team India. We’re Still Proud of You. A Note from A Grateful Fan to all Cricket Lovers

After India has lost to Australia in the ICC World Cup Semi Final match there was a lot of hatred going on against the players and the captain for loosing the match against Australia. But we should all accept the fact that its a game and only one can win it. Team India world cup journey started off with a very low expectation and the team played all the games outstandingly well. The below is a letter from Indian Cricket Fan dedicated for all Cricket Lovers:

Beloved Men In Blue

I express endless gratitude and affection towards you.

How do you feel while concluding our glorious journey in ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 on the spur of the moment?

MS-Dhoni-lead team ends its journey at ICC WC 2015

Here is what my heart says:

You were majestic pleasing us all,

To be true you were really glorious and awe-inspiring.

shikhar-dhawan-of-india-bats -sixes

I would to state that playing game fulfilling your duty as a righteous warrior

and losing it is not going to disgrace us.

Let’s raise our heads high, for the accomplishment and success we had achieved in tournament while battling for our right.

Indian cricket team at ICC WC sydney cricket ground

Reaching semi finals of ICC WC 15 is an achievement with out any teams mercy,

To be honest I never dreamt of you reaching ICC WC Semifinals with the odd conditions pre WC’15.

jadeja-wicket ashwin, shami bowling wicket

Although with all your natural endowment of cricket,

You have been above the all expectations,

You played furiously, tempestuously,

Winning hearts of millions across the globe.

Indian cricket team fans at sydney

We do admit that Indian  Cricket team wouldn’t be same every instance,

We were champions for four years and will be,

We have been chased by geezer-hoods and traumas still we are were above all.


India-Cricket team 2011 icc cricket world Cup

World said to us we bat well while disgraced our bowling,

While you aroused with canon shots plunking wickets in our way,

This wasn’t a dreamed termination, yet we are still champions.

We were on par with any other on a foreign base with all accentuation,

We ruled ICC WC’15.

indian cricket team best moments at ICC Cricket World Cup

We were close enough cherishing best memories, best prospects.

Until today, we vanquished everything that stood in our way,

But we were bound to lose someday.

We crushed and trounced all challenges in our way.

ind-vs-aus-world cup

Well Played Aussies, our best wishes are with you as a deserving team.

Have adept journey ahead, relish every moment of the game,

till we confront you in England in 2019

Gear up…!!!

Let us know what do you think about this.

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