Over 70,000 People in India Lost Their Lives to a Weather Catastrophe, 5.2 lakh people in the past 20 years: Report


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2,736 people lost their lives in India following the extreme weather conditions experienced in the country. A report by an independent development organization called German watch revealed that 2017 was the year characterized by floods, cyclones, and excess rains that took away people’s lives.

A new report released on Tuesday shows that 5.2 lakh people lose their lives before time worldwide following the weather catastrophes in the past 20 years. India was ranked the second as has suffered many of these instances despite the call for necessary measures against the climate change.

2,736 Indian internationals lost their lives to this cruel weather in 2017. The country has experienced the frequent occurrence of floods due to the excess rain received in the area as per the report by Germanwatch. This figure comes second to Puerto Rico which is on the top of the world’s list has having suffered the calamities the most. Puerto Rico experienced the famously known Hurricane Maria which claimed 2,978 lives in September 2017.

For the past 20 years, that is, between 1998 and 2007, India has lost 3,660 people on average per year totaling to 73,212 victims.

Throughout those devastating years, India has been affected by major catastrophes. The famous one is the super cyclone experienced in Odisha. Many other cyclones followed which also claimed a good number of lives. The country also suffered from the floods, massive landslides, and heavy downpour.

Deaths resulting from natural phenomena such as Tsunamis, earthquakes or volcano eruption are not recorded in the data because they are not a result of climate change.

A report by Germanwatch showed that India has lost a total of $ 67.2 billion worth of property out of the $ 3.47 trillion lost worldwide in the past 20 years. The statistics were sourced from the renowned insurance company called Munich Re. The natural calamities are still threatening to cause even more losses this year.

The report placed India in the 14th place as one of the countries prone to natural disasters following its bad history on the same in the past two decades.

Countries classified as being at the maximum risk include Puerto Rico, Myanmar, and Honduras. These countries have suffered many cyclonic disasters and have lost many people compared to their entire population.

The report came at such a time when the negotiators are doing final touches on the rulebook entails all the process involved in the implementation of the Landmark Paris Agreement. The information outlined in the rulebook includes the accounting standards to evaluate the emissions, monitoring processes, reporting as well as the verification processes taken by the affected countries in fighting the climate change. Other things are the mechanisms deployed by the individual countries in raising and distribution of funds to the projects which offer remedies to climate change and also the incorporation of necessary technologies to the affected regions that require them.

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