Pizza Delivery Boy Stabs Man To Death In Tilak Nagar, New Delhi

The Tilak Nagar Police confirmed that a man was stabbed to death by a pizza delivery boy in the area.

Officials said that the man who was stabbed to death is Ankit Kumar, who lives in Tilak Nagar with his family.

Ravi Singh, the pizza delivery boy, has been arrested by the police.

Officials seized the knife that Ravi Singh used in stabbing Ankit Kumar in the vicinity of Tilak Nagar.

The elder brother of Ankit Kumar, Rohit Kumar, who works with a photographer in the area, said that Ankit went to a phone repair shop to get his phone fixed.

Rohit said that Ankit did not return home and when he went to Mahavir Nagar, he saw people gathered in the area, he also saw Ravi Singh attack Ankit with a knife.

Ankit was rushed to a hospital near the area, but was declared as dead upon arrival by the doctors.

A case has been registered against Ravi Singh and officials confirmed that further investigation will be done in the crime.

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