Pokemon Go Whatsapp Messages, Status, Funny Jokes And Memes

The augmented reality game Pokemon Go came out just a few days back. Everyone in the world is going crazy crazy after catching Pokemon. Pokemon Go isn’t just the most popular mobile game in the app store, it’s the most talked about the app on the planet.

Everyone else in the universe is talking about Pokemon Go. Along with that, we are having some crispy talks about Pokemon go to share with your friends on WhatsApp and another platform. Be safe while playing the Pokemon GO !

Pokemon whatsapp status

Pokemon Go Funny Whatsapp Status:

We had a break in class, and half the kids didn’t come back bc they’re outside catching Pokemon

Team valor has taken my closest Pokemon gym and this is unacceptable

I got my dad and my little brother to play Pokemon Go. I am proud of myself

Me: “what should we do tonight? It’s Friday.”
Bae: “play Pokemon Go”
HAH bitch, no wrong answer. Think again.

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Whatsapp Status For Pokemon Go Players:

Young Indians are visiting temples more frequently due to Pokemon Go 😉 !! Crazy !!

Never knew it was possible to run down Ingram street catching Pokemon

Just because I don’t have Pokemon Go, doesn’t mean I don’t know about Pokemon or have never watched it.

Ya’ll nigga’s out catching Pokémon on a Friday night neglecting your girl while she’s getting ready for a function to catch that STD lmao


Pokemon Go Whatsapp Messages:

Pokemon Go will be the end of us. You could be drowning and the lifeguard may be busy catching a fucking poliwag

A kid playing Pokemon Go saw me playing Pokemon Go and had a look of horror like, “This is my future”.

Looks like the only way to get this Pikachu is in a battle with a rigged carnival game

Yo do you ever think about how many Pokemon the characters in The Walking Dead would be able to catch, though.

Random boy ; yells* “ayy girl wassup??”
Me; “boy bye I’m playing Pokemon.”

How to kill an iPhone battery in under a second… play Pokémon Go.

Whatsapp Jokes On Pokemon Go:

It’s 3 in the A.M. I’m drunk, eating pizza and watching Pokémon. life is great honestly.

Half of my high school classmates are getting married and having kids and the other half are out chasing Pokemon. What a time to be alive.

How to kill an iPhone battery in under a second… play Pokémon Go.

Catch Pokemon not feelings

You will need to never show your face to me again because you are pathetic for writing me a note & I ate the Pokemon

Everywhere I walk at the beach everyone playing Pokemon go including me.

Random boy ; yells* “ayy girl wassup??”
Me; “boy bye I’m playing Pokemon.”

Pokemon Go Funny Whatsapp DP:



You can forget about your gym while playing Pokemon Go.



Pokemon Go Expectation and Reality:


 Pokemon Go Memes:

 pokemon go memes

pokemon go funny images

pokemon go craze in internet


pokemon go whatsapp dp


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pokemon go memes

Pokemon Go was released on July 6th and it seemed like everyone was suddenly trying to catch every single one of the adorable creatures. You’d still know that the game had reached a massive level of success because of the number of #PokemonGo memes that are being shared on Twitter and Instagram.

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