This Video Of Police Officer Demonstrating How To Put Out A Cylinder Fire Is A Must-See For Everyone

Commonly used in our everyday lives, LPG cylinders are something most of us wouldn’t be able to cook without. But these harmless looking cylinders can actually be dangerous.

Yes, practically every house in India depends on LPG cylinders for their daily meals and one small slip or oversight is all it takes to cause a massive fire. Recently, in West Delhi’s Vikas Puri area, a cylinder burst in a local restaurant and killed 2 firefighters instantly.

It is really essential for all of us to be aware of how to handle cylinder fires. We know the precautions, but we will still be clueless if faced with such a predicament in real life.

In this video, uploaded on Facebook by Sushil Kumar, a policeman demonstrates how to douse a fire caused by a leaking cylinder in one very quick and simple step.

Watch this highly informational video here:

This video of a police officer demonstrating how to put out a fire caused by a cylinder leak shows you the correct and fastest way to deal with a cylinder fire.

According to his instructions, one should wrap a wet cloth around the cylinder, ensuring that there’s no room for gas to leak.’

He instructs people to tightly wrap a wet cloth around the leaking cylinder so that the gas has no room to escape. Also, you should never touch any electrical switch if you smell a gas leak; open the doors and windows instead.

The video has garnered a lot of views and thankfully so. Better to be safe than sorry.

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