Police Seize Liquor, Cash, And Drugs Worth Rs. 13.16 Crores In Haryana Ahead Of Elections

Since March 10, the police in Haryana have seized Liquor, unaccounted Cash, and Drugs that are worth Rs. 13.16 crores. The numbers were announced on Wednesday.

DGP Manoj Yadava said that the police seized 268,533 liters of liquor, beer, and locally brewed liquor that has a market worth of Rs. 4.52 crores were seized since March 10.

The DGP added that the police has also seized drugs that are worth around Rs. 5.09, Rs. 2.40 crores of unaccounted cash, and Precious Metal that is worth around Rs. 1.12 crores.

DGP Manoj Yadava said that the police also seized 402 illegal firearms and 644 cartridges.

The DGP added that all people who have licensed firearms are asked to deposit their weapons in their designated police stations before the elections start.

So far, 99,123 licensed firearms have been handed over to various police stations in the state.

The DGP said, “Checking has been intensified by our teams as a result of which dreaded and notorious gangs including bail jumpers, parole jumpers, and proclaimed offenders were apprehended.”

DGP Manoj Yadava said that they are conducting operations to prevent any illegal activities to happen ahead of the upcoming elections.

The police in the state are also monitoring social media platforms before the elections start in the state.

Police teams in all districts of the state are currently working closely to monitor social media platforms and action will be taken against those people who are trying to spread false rumors on the platforms.

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