Punjab Man Attempts Suicide After Killing His Wife Who Gave Birth To Their 5th Girl Child

In a bizarre event, a 40-year-old man from Ropar, Punjab attempts suicide after killing his wife who gave birth to their 5th girl child.

Rakesh Kumar (40) from Jhinjra Village, Ropar, is now admitted in a government hospital in Anandpur Sahib.

Officials said that he is not fit to give any statement right now, the 40-year-old man slit his throat with a sharp weapon when he was trying to commit suicide.

40-year-old Rakesh Kumar killed his wife, 35-year-old Anita Rani on Tuesday midnight, Anita gave birth to their 5th child 5 months ago.

Officials said that the incident happened on Tuesday midnight when Rakesh had an argument with Anita, officials added that the husband strangled his wife to death with a rope.

Rakesh Kumar has been arrested under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code which include Murder and Attempted Suicide.

Preliminary investigations revealed that Rakesh Kumar is a laborer and has been in depression.

Investigating Officer Gurjeet Singh said, “The accused, Rakesh, strangulated his wife at night and left the house where all his five daughters were crying. One of the neighbors was informed by the eldest daughter, 12 years old, about the incident and the police were informed by the morning. Later, when the post-mortem was being conducted at civil hospital, the accused, Rakesh, suddenly appeared near the Ambulance 108 where the body of his wife Anita was about to be shifted into the mortuary.

The officer added, “Rakesh, within no time, in all guilt, slit his throat with a sharp-edged weapon. He was immediately rushed to the doctors at the hospital and was saved but he faced severe injuries. We could not record his statement as he was declared unfit for it by the doctors. However, a case was registered under sections 302 (murder) and 309 (punishment for attempted suicide).”

Officials added that an autopsy has been conducted and the body of Anita has been returned to her family members.

The police have also launched a probe for the incident.

Officials said that Rakesh was also depressed over the fact that his wife gave birth to a girl for the 5th time.

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