Never Ever Ask Parents If You Notice This Purple Butterfly On Baby’s Cradle In Hospital

A hospital is a place where two things happen. One is good and other is a kind of bad i.e. patients battle between life & death and on the other side there are newborns who have just come into this world.

But for a person, if both situations come at once, imagine the feeling of him; it can’t be expressed, isn’t it? Here is a parent who had to face both the situations at once.


Milli who about to give birth to twins lost one of her twins named Skye. The baby is said to be suffering from an incurable disease. While Milli was lying on her bed, a mother trying to deal with her twins, looked to Milli’s one baby and said “You’re so lucky you haven’t got twins,” unaware of Millis’s loss.

Though the woman didn’t mean anything by her comment, but it did break Milli’s heart. Hence, that was the moment when Milli got an idea how to deal with such situations.

Here’s what Milli did:

Milli was pregnant with twins. Unfortunately, weeks after pregnancy she got to know that one of her twins would not be surviving as the baby was suffering from Anencephaly, a disease that has no cure yet. But still Milli continued with her pregnancy but her emotions were raw.


Finally, the delivery time has come and Milli gave birth to both her daughters Skye and Callie. The saddest moment for Milli and her husband Lewis is that Skye won’t be there for long with them except for few hours. Thus, the couple held Skye close to their heart for almost 3 hours. And, then took Skye to see Callie so both the sisters can spend last few hours together. Skye died later after some time. Callie is so happy and healthy now.

After few months, Milli remembered the mother’s words and she got an idea.


A symbol for babies in the neonatal ward, representing babies who’d lost a twin brother or sister. And the symbol was ‘Purple Butterfly.’ She worked very hard to make use of the symbol thinking that no other woman should feel sad as she felt.


Her efforts paid off and were rewarded purple stickers that started popping up in the hospitals.


Milli and Lewis did suffer a loss but then came with the idea of easing other parents’ pain.

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