RGV’s Next is Titled KCR!!

Everyone knows Ram Gopal Varma is the most controversial director in india, he create controversy by tweeting different kind of statements in to the public. He always wanna be a creator of controversial things. He explore movies, news, entertainment and politics through only controversy.


Some day’s before he tweeted a movie title called “REDDY GARU POYARU” which was the telugu title. It created a sensation and controversy too. Thereafter he created many controversial statements through twitter. The named title may go on to the sets or not but always been a matter in tollywood and in telugu politics.

Director Ram Gopal Varma said that the title of his new film will be KCR. Ram Gopal Varma wrote on his page on the micro-blogging, “the title Naa next image KCR. Comparing KCR to end NTR, maverick director replied,” KCR sounds better than NTR. On every aspect of my inner sound like a sound KCR NTR or YSR. Hitler was bad and KCR KCR good Hitler. “(Sic).

In addition, Varma compares the beauty of KCR with Samantha, Tamannaah and Ileana and wrote: “Just pure power combined presence, persona and intensity KCR is more beautiful than Samantha, Thamanna and Ileana together.” (Sic).

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