Scientists Developed Transparent Wood To Save Energy Costs

A team of researchers has managed to transform real wood into a still-real transparent wood, paving the way for greener homes. They have developed transparent wood that could be used in building materials which will help home and build owners save money on their artificial lighting costs

When it comes to indoor lighting, nothing beats the sun’s rays streaming in through windows. Soon, that natural light could be shining through walls, too.  Scientists have developed a transparent wood  and the material also finds application in solar cell windows.

Scientists Developed Transparent Wood To Save Energy Costs

Researchers said that “Homeowners often search for ways to brighten up their living space. They opt for light-colored paints, mirrors and lots of lamps and ceiling lights.

This is made of  samples of commercial balsa wood in which lignin is removed. Lignin is a structural polymer in plants that blocks 80 to 95 percent of light from passing through. However, the resulting material was still not transparent due to light scattering within it. to make it precise, researchers incorporated acrylic, often known as Plexiglass. The resulting material is very strong  which is twice as strong as Plexiglass. Although the wood is not as crystal clear as glass, its haziness provides a possible advantage for solar cells.

Researchers added that “Specifically because the material still traps some light, it could be used to boost the efficiency of these cells.” 

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