Senior Executive Of An Infrastructure Company Was Arrested For Molesting And Threatening A Woman At A Hotel In Aerocity, New Delhi

On Sunday, the New Delhi Police arrested Nikhil, a 28-year-old Senior Executive of an Infrastructure Company for molesting and threatening a woman in a hotel located in Aerocity Delhi. Nikhil was granted bail later on.

Sanjay Bhatia, the Deputy Commissioner of Police said that a case has been lodged at the Indira Gandhi International Airport Police Station against 28-year-old Nikhil, who lives in Chittaranjan Park, south Delhi.

Officials said that the girl was molested inside a club at a five-star hotel, in her complaint, the woman said that she was in the club with her friends as they were attending a party on Saturday night.

She added that Nikhil, the accused, was also present in the club with his friends. The woman said that he started to touch her inappropriately and when she complained, Nikhil threatened her and hurt her physically.

The woman informed the management of the club and the hotel about what the man did to her. The police were informed and a complaint was lodged against him.

Nikhil was detained for questioning and was arrested, he was granted bail afterward. The police added that the father of Nikhil is a businessman.

The police have requested the management of the hotel for more details about the incident, they asked the list of people who were present in the club and are trying to find an eyewitness for the incident.

The police are also set to collect the CCTV footage in the club and the hotel.

The police also took blood samples from Nikhil to see if he was drunk or took anything else when the incident happened.


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