This Guy Turns Beggar For An Hour To See How Much They Earn In A Day. You’ll Be Surprised!

News, Viral: Well, so many amongst us fall for the innocent looks of a beggar when we see them tapping at the windows of our cars. Every time a lonely looking beggar comes by our rickshaw, we feel pity for him and hand him a penny or two.

Guy Posed As A Beggar To See How Much They Earn In A Day.

When it comes to beggars, some of us detest the very sight of them, while the others either get horrified by them or just try and help them out with some food or money.

But, have we ever thought that this small act of kindness may just be the beginning of a huge salary, that too , not a small one, but a huge salary ranging in thousands per month?

However this may sound crazy, but it’s the truth of Indian roads. A beggar , who may look lonely and poor may earn in thousands per year.

Here we are sharing a cool social experiment do by a Delhi Graduate. His actual regular job salary is 15000 a month while he earn 200 Rs. in just two hours which approx. 1000 Rs. a day and more than 30,000 Rs. for a month by doing 10 hours begging daily.

Watch Video: A social experiment to see how much a beggar earns in a day

The video is uploaded by Indi Viral to show our society that how a regular beggar earned money daily and what a graduate engineer earn? This video is just a social experiment nothing more. You will definitely quit your job after watching the whole video. Watch till the end of the video.

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