Can You Spot The Mobile Phone In This Crazy Optical Illusion? It’s Not Easy

How important is your phone? These days, a mobile phone has become one of the important parts for everyone. It is really important in this modern world to communicate. People won’t even eat or sleep without scrolling through the timelines of various social media platforms.

People are highly addicted to their mobile phones especially youth. People all will be busy all the time with their phones typing messages, updating status, commenting, sharing, and liking. Imagine if your mobile phone was lost. And when you can’t find your mobiles when you are in a hurry, it sounds very sad, we feel very frustrated. Right?

Though you locate the phone after a lot of struggle, you feel tensed while searching it. Jeya May Cruz, from the Philippines, posted a photo to Facebook showing an elaborately detailed black and white rug and challenged viewers to find a cell phone somewhere in the photo. It is a kind of optical illusion.

Could you spot it?


Then you are just one among the many social media users who tried solving this but failed. But if you were able to spot it, you must be really good.

This post has left many social media users baffled.

Well, here is the phone in the picture. Take a closer look now.

Found the phone

So this latest optical illusion to spread around the internet rang a special bell with everyone. Now share it with your friends.

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