STEM School Highlands Ranch Shooting: One Student Killed And 7 Injured In Denver-Area School Shooting

2 students have opened fired at the STEM School Highlands Ranch, which is a science and technology school. The shooting killed one student and injured 7, one of the primary suspects of the shooting has been identified.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office said that its officers hear the shot 40 kilometers south of Denver.

Fernando Montoya, the father of a 17-year-old boy who was shot three times said, ” a guy pulled a pistol out of a guitar case and started to shoot.”

Fernando added that one of his son’s friends was also injured in the school shooting.

According to the son of Fernando, a gunman walked into his classroom and opened fire with a gun that he pulled out from a guitar case, he added that another attacker was already inside their classroom.

8 students were rushed to a hospital, many students are still in critical condition.

Sheriff Tony Spurlock said that an 18-year-old male student passed away due to his injuries. The Sheriff did not release the name of the student who passed away.

The suspects have been identified, the two attackers are male students of the STEM School Highlands Ranch, one is an adult and the other is still under 18-years-old.

The Sheriff added that the shooting happened in the middle part of the school campus, near its elementary, middle school, and high school classrooms.

Sheriff Spurlock added, “Two individuals walked into the STEM school, got deep inside the school, and engaged students in two separate locations.”

The youngest victim in the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting is a 15-year-old student from the school. The school has nearly 1800 students and covers k-12.

The White House has also released a statement about the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting and called it a “hateful and horrible” act of violence.

Here is the official statement from the White House:

“Our prayers are with the victims, family members, and all those affected by today’s shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch in Littleton, Colorado. Tragically, this community and those surrounding it know all too well these hateful and horrible acts of violence. The White House has been in communication with state and local officials, and the President has been briefed and continues to monitor the ongoing situation. We offer our full support to local law enforcement and first responders and thank them for their heroism.”

The White House added that President Donald Trump is closely monitoring the situation.

The shooting in the school started before 2 p.m. an official from the school reported the incident to the police and said that shots have been fired in the middle school

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