Sunny Leone Shares Marriage Photos on their 7th Marriage Anniversary

Sunny Leone shared a wedding picture of her marriage with Daniel Weber on her marriage anniversary. Sunny and Daniel got married in a Gurudwara in 2011.

She share a lovely picture of her marriage and the caption read ““7 years ago, we vowed in front of God to always love each other no matter what life throws at us. I can say that I love you more today than I did that day. We are on this crazy journey of life together. Love you so much, Daniel Weber. Happy anniversary.”

Her husband Daniel Weber replied to that tweet saying “ “7 years !!! Every day is like the first day we met !!! I love you forever !!! Xoxo”.

Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber first met in Las Vegas when she was the queen of Porn industry. Even though Daniel weber call “love at first sight” silly, but that is exactly what happened to him the moment he saw Sunny Leone. Sunny was at the same restaurant where Daniel was performing with his band. Daniel approached her, only to be politely declined by sunny. However, Daniel patiently kept sending her flowers whenever Sunny went to that restaurant. Sunny who had recently had a bitter breakup, took almost two months to agree to go on a date with Daniel. She purposely arrived too late for the date hoping to annoy Weber.
After dating for almost three years, Sunny had no doubts about Daniel anymore. They decided to get married in 2011.

They also adopted a baby girl and named her Nisha Kaur Weber. Later they had twins Noah Singh Weber  and Asher Singh Weber  via surrogacy.

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