Thak Thak Gang Robbed Ex-Actress in Delhi

Farheen Prabhakar robbers tried to smash her car during the said robbery
Farheen Prabhakar robbers tried to smash her car during the said robbery

Officials say that former Bollywood actress was assaulted and robbed by 4 members of the Thak Thak Gang as she was on her way to one mall in South Delhi. They stole her phones and wallet.

Farheen Prabhakar is the Wife of Cricketer Manoj Prabhakar.

The said gang is a modus that knocks on the window of your car and distracts you, they will then steal from you. If this technique does not work for them, they usually use force and harm the people they are trying to rob.

Farheen Prabhakar is a resident of Sarvpriya Vihar, the incident happened when she was on her way to the Select City Mall in Saket on Saturday noon.

Vijay Kumar the Deputy Commissioner of Police said: “When Prabhakar stopped her car at a traffic signal, all the four robbers tried to smash her car. After parking her car, when she tried to reason out, the robbers abused her for not driving properly.”

He added: “They later took out her wallet with Rs. 16,000, documents, valuables and mobile phones and tried to escape, but Prabhakar resisted their attempts following which they assaulted her. The accused later managed to escape in their car parked on the opposite side of the road.”

Farheen Prabhakar is an asthma patient, as she collapsed on the road an army officer helped her out and called the police. He even managed to take down the vehicles plate number and give it to the police.

Vijay Kumar said that they have now registered an FIR, they are now tracking down the criminals with the help of the CCTV Footages that are present in the near areas.

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