Meet Graham – The Only Person Who Can Survive A Car Accident In The World

Meet Graham, the only person in the world designed to survive a car crash. But the interesting fact is that Graham doesn’t exist. Though he looks very different from a normal human, he is a human. Graham was created as part of a new Australian road safety campaign.


The only reason he looks the way he does is because he has been designed to withstand a car crash. He was designed by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) by a sculptor Patricia Piccinini. She is a trauma surgeon and a road safety engineer.


Graham was designed based on the own knowledge of traffic accidents. According to Road Crash Statistics, an average of 3287 people dies in car accidents every year.

Graham designed to survive car crash

Graham body

If you observe carefully, Graham doesn’t have a neck and has a flat fleshy face to protect his ears and nose. His extra nipples are designed to protect his ribs like natural airbags.


Graham ribs

If you guys don’t have a body like Graham, then slow down next time you are behind the wheel. Graham’s brain is the same as ours, but his skull is bigger with more fluid and more ligaments to support the brain when a collision occurs.

Graham body



“Cars have evolved much faster than we have and bodies are not equipped to handle common crashes,” said Dr. David Logan, Road Safety Engineer at Monash University Accident Research Centres, involved in Project Graham.

Patricia Piccinini said, “What excites me about this project is its relevance to the community.” And Dr. Logan added that it is possible to make a difference in road safety. In fact, it’s necessary because “50% of the time in road accidents the car doesn’t have time to break”.

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