OMG!! This 5-Year-Old Kid Earns Rs 6.5 crores A Month! Check Out What He Does

What did you do when you were a 5-year-old child? You probably played with your toys, slept, ate, rode your bicycle, and annoyed your parents to death.

But this 5-year-old makes the kind of money you and I probably could not imagine earning even during our full-fledged teenage years. Yes! It’s true…!!

Meet Mr.Ryan a simple kid, who goes to school, plays with his toys and spends time with his family. However, what’s surprising about this boy is that he earns millions doing the things that an average 5-year-old does! Surprised?

Well! Ryan runs a YouTube channel called Ryan ToysReview with the help of his parents. This channel has around 5.5 million subscribers currently.

 As the name suggests, Ryan simply opens up or unwraps toys like cars, action figures, etc. and these are watched by millions of people all over the world.

Yes, his videos get crazy billions of views per week making him one of the youngest star YouTuber and his channel—one of the most popular in the United States. Needless to say, his creative and innocent way of appearing in a video is also fetching huge amount of advertising revenue.

The secret behind the success of this channel is the new and innovative video blogging concept that his family implements.

Yes, if you watch his videos, they are so simple yet so appealing. He unboxes his toys, plays with them, speaks excitedly to the camera and puts a smile on billions of faces instantly.

It all started when Ryan innocently asked his parents “why am I not on YouTube when other kids are?” and his parents thought that they should give it a try.

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