It’s not Priyanka’s but this lady’s expression that is setting the Internet on fire

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This photo taken during Priyanka’s wedding has created a social media sensation. (Source: Instagram)

The celebrity couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas who got married in great pomp and style have not forgotten their numerous fans and have regularly posted photos on their social media handles, keeping their handles updated. One such photo taken during the mehendi ceremony and posted by Nick has created a social media storm.

The photo we are talking about shows a lady in the centre with her mouth wide open. This photo has caught people’s attention and soon enough the photo was turned into a meme with hilarious explanations about her facial expression. Social media was flooded with jokes on the wedding and memes inspired by the photo. These included comments on the relative who got more eyeballs than the celebrity couple, or what Priyanka thought when she got to know that aunty got more attention or whether the aunty is against inter-racial marriage and wants to stop Priyanka from marrying.

Want to see the picture we are talking about?  Click here to see:

Just one request: Don’t ask us as to who the lady in question is as she has not been identified as yet.

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