This Frustrated Skoda Car Owner Employed Donkeys To Solve His Problem When Skoda Didn’t

A Frustrated Skoda car owner has taken things ahead by driving around town in his car with it being pulled by donkeys because he says it is the only way to make it move.


The incident happened in Ludhiana, Punjab, where the car was towed through busy market areas and other residential roads of the city. Two donkeys were made to pull the new-generation Octavia.

But why?

According to ANI, the frustrated Skoda Octavia owner from Ludhiana told

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I bought this car for ₹25 lakhs but the mistake I made was that I didn’t buy two donkeys along with the car at that time.

Since he bought the car on 19th march 2015, it has given him “some or the other problem every day till date.” Therefore, he revamped his Skoda with two donkeys, each bearing the brand name Skoda Octavia on their heads, to pull it.

So much to make an impact on the allegedly deaf ears of the Skoda company. He listed all the unreasonable responses regarding a new problem each day from the company.

Three parts of the suspension have worn out and the Skoda people deny having it covered under the warranty even though the document says every part is covered under it, says the owner who emanated exasperation with every word he uttered.

Source: Screengrab/YouTube

The other problems include a dysfunctional music system that needs a certain CD to be transported in from Germany to start working, sound-making breaks and a battery that died without notifying him leaving him stranded in a market.

“Company ko jab yehi nahi pata k gaadi ko battery konsi chahiye toh woh kya bech rahe hain (what are they selling if they don’t even know the kind of battery the car requires)?” he asks in response to the company’s response to the dead battery which allegedly was that they had earlier fixed a small battery whereas the car needed a bigger one.

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Well, perhaps they do it now that this person has found his solution in two donkeys. Perhaps this move moves the Skoda people to take action if they want to spare themselves further embarrassment.

What do you think of his ingenious idea? Let us know your views in the comments section below.

This Frustrated Skoda Car Owner Employed Donkeys To Solve His Problem When Skoda Didn’t

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