This Young Girl Was Beaten Up Badly For Boarding The ‘WRONG’ Train In Mumbai

In Mumbai, local trains are the major transporters from one place to another. But one thing that frustrates you travelling in Mumbai local trains in that all the trains are heavily crowded and it is very hard to even to stand properly while travelling.

Crowdy Mumbai local trains

Such crowded trains cause a lot of chaos and such similar incident happened with Rutuja Naik (20) on Tuesday. She boarded a crowded Virar-Churchgate train at 8.40 am. She was travelling to Vasai and she had to get down at Vasai station. She had to face a lot of difficulty for getting into the train and also getting out.

Mumbai local train

Struggling to this chaos, Rutuja suffered an asthmatic attack but however managed to get in. She was trying to get out of the asthmatic attack. As soon as Rutuja got in the train, other women started commenting those who want to get down at Vasai must board the Borivali-Andheri train or the Bandra train instead of Churchgate local.

Few women went to argue that due to passengers stopping at Vasai, the footboard gets blocked and this makes it extremely difficult for people who board the train at Nalasopara (The station after Virar). Thus, Rutuja tried to get down the train. While she was getting down the train, she was beaten badly by the women on the train.

Girl beaten up badly for baording wrong train

They tried stopping her and forcibly pulled her inside. They thought of teaching a lesson to her. Few women even scratched and punched on Rutuja. However, in spite of all this, she managed to get out with the help of 3 commuters who pulled her outside. She filed a non-offence case against the women at Vasai.

Girl Filed Non-Offense Case Against The Women:

Mahesh Bagwe, the GRP inspector of Vasai along with Rutuja went to Virar station next day at 8.10 am to identify the women. She and the police identified the women and they are Ashwani Gaurav, Naina Thakur, Neha Thakur and Deepali Sawant. Further investigation is going on.

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