Three Men Gang Raped A Woman And Live Streamed The Video For Three Hours On Facebook

A woman was allegedly gang-raped in a horrific three-hour attack that was streamed live on Facebook.  Three young men, 18, 20 and 24, were recently suspected in Sweden for gang raping a woman and then live streaming the act on Facebook.

The suspects who were arrested in an apartment in Uppsala that is 70 kilometers north of Stockholm. They were arrested in the presence of their 30-year-old victim soon after members of the Facebook group informed the police about the activity.

Swedish daily tabloid Aftonbladet interviewed some of the members of the 60,000-strong group. They said the girl was “close to unconscious“. A woman who saw the live stream thought it was “poorly-orchestrated joke”.

Out of the 60,000 members in that group, Josefine Lundgren, 21 was the first one to call the police authorities.

She said, “the 24-year-old suspect, a repeat offender considered by police to be the main attacker, ‘tore the clothes off’ his victim before raping her. The attacker also had apparently filmed everything and took pictures that he put on (messaging site) Snapchat.”

On Monday, a press conference was arranged wherein investigators requested the social media users to hand over any images that they held to the police. “We have some picture and video material. But we don’t have any images showing the attack itself,” Uppsala deputy chief prosecutor Magnus Berggren said.

While the video has been taken down from Facebook, it has been circulated around the internet. Here’s a compilation of the excerpts that the Swedish media published. It shows one of the suspects holding a revolver.

 Watch The Video Here:

The first thing you think is ‘how can you do such a thing to a girl? And how can you do it live when you know that you are going to go there? What a shame!

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News Source: NDTV.

Featured Image: YouTube