Tweeple Goes Crazy Over Cricketer Ashwin Ravichandran’s ‘234 Job Opportunities’ Tweet

Nowadays if there’s something that completely drives people crazy, mark it ‘Unauthenticated‘ or ‘Irrelevant‘, be it the social media, be it the individual opinions, rational information is as rare as yellow coal.

One can encounter such replications on twitter handles, diverging news channels and inevitable judgements, earlier ace Indian bowler Ashwin Ravichandran tweeted something about the job opportunities in Tamil Nadu, he urged his statesmen to attend the recruitment. Meanwhile, Twitterati took this bit twistedly ending up connecting the tweet with the current turmoil going on with Tamil Nadu politics post-Jayalalithaa’s death.

Now, what messed up at the beginning is the followers themselves, they started referring the tweet directly with the number of Assembly constituencies in Tamil Nadu which is also 234. Netizens believed it to be a reaction from Ashwin on V K Sasikala and the recent developments in Tamil Nadu.

Right after some time, this 30-year-old cricketer denied the misconceptions with another tweet:

Coming to the statistics, this is the first tweet from Ashwin that got 7,751 retweets and 17,822 till now.

Twitter took it more aptly, and didn’t let him clear the clouds, they ended up prevailing fun videos across everywhere.

Considering the serious politics, despite unanimously electing Sasikala as the new Chief Minister, many common people were unable to digest Panneerselvam’s resignation.

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