Twitter Goes Crazy Over Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Personal Relationship With Akhilesh’ Tweet

Here came an another moment, when Congress’ supremo Rahul Gandhi is left embarrassed. This 46 Years Old Congress’ Vice President recently tweeted about his relationship with Akhilesh Yadav.

Both Samajwadi and Congress party were rivals since the beginning and the duo unified now in order to clinch the upcoming elections, this resulted in netizens trolling both Akhilesh and Rahul, despite these issues, now Rahul Gandhi simply left one more stone unturned by tweeting a twisting sentence, he tweeted:

It is well known that the popular politicians Rahul Gandhi and AAP’s leader Arvind Kejriwal have always been scapegoats for Internet trolls, but what Rahul now did is quite beyond saving him. Netizens took a huge benefit from this tweet ended up trolling both of them blue and black.

So, here is the set of comments people made:

And some took it far more seriously,