Twitter Outrages Over A 4th Class Textbook For Asking The Children ‘To Kill A Kitten’ As An Experiment

There are many individual opinions from the intellectuals across the country to update the existing syllabus of the graduate and high school students, till now, there is notable pressure to update the current syllabus, but surprisingly, here is an incident where a textbook is deliberately misleading the child.

The incident took place in Delhi, a twitter user posted the photograph of that page where the syllabus orders the students to kill a kitten, describing it dumbly as a part of the experiment.

Going into the further details, the referred textbook is for Environmental Studies titled Our Green World, while educating students on the importance of breathing, gives a practical example that shows how children can suffocate a cat to death.

Now, what sort of quality our education has? What our schools are teaching the upcoming youth of the country? This utterly idiotical paragraph raised heavy concerns over the people, worried the parents and others.

Earlier such incidents took place with a XII class Social Science textbook –published and circulated by the Maharashtra State Board authority has recently said that a man’s family may demand high dowry, particularly when the girl is ‘ugly’ or ‘handicapped’.

The topic of the story is the necessity of breathing, specifically “living things breathe” and “living things need air to breathe”.

The experimental story in the book read:

“You can do an experiment” and asks children to put small kittens in two wooden boxes each and cover with lids, one with holes and one without. The obvious outcome of the experiment is that “the kitten inside the box without holes has died”.

The inclusion of such a topic is quite appreciable, but the way the story is narrated and the example that is taken is quite disappointing. Instead of teaching the idea of life and love, the experiment is deliberately teaching a method to kill a kitten.

Here is the actual photograph of the picture, that is shared by a twitter user, Lola Kuttima

As soon as the post went viral, the publishers went into the issue and gave an explanation, Dinesh Gupta, director, Millennium Booksource Pvt. Ltd, publishers of the book series told a popular media channel:

We usually have an editing process in place, and though I am personally not aware of this sentence at the moment, if it’s there we will get it removed. It shouldn’t be there.”

However, this is how Twitter has responded,

Isn’t this quite enough to understand why kids are getting wild thoughts while growing up, with this lame syllabus and curriculum it is mundane to expect our children’s future. These kinds of stupid stories are something that spoils them psychologically.

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