Twitterati Slams Former BJP Minister RS Prasad For His Comparison Of ‘Demonetization With Labour Pain’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his historical take on curbing black money and invalidating the money that terrorists’ hold.

Now, people didn’t turn back in praising Modi, every possible citizen praised the surgical strike of Modi on the country’s bigshots. But, what happened later is quite unfair, people now understood the tough consequences of the demonetization such us waiting in long queues and lacking in liquid cash for basic needs, anyway most of them are readily accepting the hard times hoping for the long term benefits.

The convincing strategies turned out to be weird when the politicians went mad over comparing the demonetization move over the labor pain and pregnant ladies’ pain. Unfortunately, netizens were totally fed up with the never-ending comparisons and went on to slam those statements, such thing happened when former BJP minister RS Prasad compared the demonetization with ‘Labor pain’.

The India’s popular podcast channel AIB‘s Rohan commented on RS Prasad’s statement asking if the leader is aware of the “45,000 women die during childbirth every year in India when he compared demonetization to labour pain.” All India Trinamool Congress’ member Derek O’Brien called the remark “absurd analogies”. Others interpreted Prasad’s remark as meaning that there probably are eight months more to

Meanwhile, others detailed Prasad’s statement claiming that eight more months are needed to settle down the thing sin the country.

Earlier in November, Union minister Venkaiah Naidu said “A mother undergoes huge labour pain while giving birth to a child. But when she hears the child of the newborn, she feels the greatest joy”.

Similarly, Uttar Pradesh governor Ram Naik said the consequences of demonetization were like labour pain and the results will be joyful.