Arvind Kejriwal Shared AIB’s Demonetization Circus Video And Got Trolled By The Makers!

It’s been almost a month and there is no podcast from the popular Indian Youtube channel All India Bakchod(AIB)?

Oh! Here you go!
AIB released its epic video on Demonetization, the video features multi-class people of our country. It’s been hardly 24 hours and the video already broke the fan door hitting near 1 million views.

Viewers believe that this is the most honest and straight video on demonetization after effects.

Do watch this video here:

Each and every person up flagged the boldness in the video, including Arvind Kejriwal, who was aptly oppressed in the video.

He even took on to his twitter and facebook handles and shared this video.

AIB took on to their twitter account to set it clear that they are not on any political side, as Arvind Kejriwal shared those video links.

Breaking the criticism from Congress leaders by sharing the video on Facebook and twitter, AIB further redirected that interrelating comedy and politics is not necessary or is quite acceptable.

Tanmay moved a step ahead retweeting

At the end of the day, it was Arvind Kejriwal who ended up as the subject of this twitter drama


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