Underwater Explorers Breaks Record With Deepest Submarine Dive Just To Find Out Plastic At Sea’s Deepest Point

Underwater explores dropped to 10,928 meters below sea level in the Mariana Trench, which is the deepest ocean trench in the world. The new record is 16 meters lower than the previous record which was set in 1960.

When the explorers where there, they saw a number of sea creatures and plastic.

Yep, plastic.

Here is a screengrab of the plastic that they found in the deepest trench of the ocean.

Victor Vescovo, a retired naval officer and an investor in Texas was inside the submarine, he said that they saw an angular piece of metal and a plastic object that had some writings on it.

Victor said, “It was very disappointing to see obvious human contamination of the deepest point in the ocean.”

The crew also found 3 new species during the expedition.

Dr. Alan Jamieson, the Chief Expedition Scientist said, “It is not often we see something that is so extraordinary that it leaves us speechless. Amongst many other rare and unique observations, the stalked ascidean was a really significant moment.”

During the dive, the submarine that the explorers used also collected samples from the deepest trench so that scientists can analyze them with hopes of answers to unanswered questions.

Many were shocked by the fact that plastic has reached the Mariana trench, which is the bottom of the ocean.



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