Watch: UP Traffic Police Tow His Bike, What This Man Did Will Make You Laugh Out Loud !!

We’ve all been witnesses to the rage people demonstrate on roads when a scratch defaces their shiny car or a dent mars the beauty of their beloved bike. Here is a similar case where a man showed his love towards his 2-wheeler when traffic police tow his bike.

People on Kanpur roads were treated to a rare sight, when they saw a man hanging from the back of a tow truck while still sitting on top of his bike. The bizarre incident happened in Kanpur’s Bada Chauraha area, where the motorist reportedly didn’t let go of his motorcycle despite being asked several times.

The man, who was still wearing his helmet, had reportedly refused to get off his bike when UP traffic police started to tow it away after finding it parked in a “No Parking” zone. The incident was recorded on video and it shows the rider wearing a helmet while holding the tow truck’s chain.

Watch The Video Here:

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