Watch: Dramatic Footage Shows Cargo Plane Crash After It Overruns Take-Off, Killing 5 Crew

A cargo airplane reportedly crashed in a field outside Puerto Carreno in Colombia on Tuesday evening, killing five crew members and sending a flight technician to the hospital with injuries.

Dramatic footage from the scene shows the Aerosucre plane incredibly low to the ground as it tries to take off. According to unconfirmed reports, the Boeing 727 struggled to gain altitude as it took off en route to the Colombian capital of Bogota.

Watch The Video Here:

It smashed through a perimeter fence, became airborne and then three minutes later it crashed into the ground, exploding at the scene.

Six people are thought to have been on board – the pilot, co-pilot and crew members, according to Colombia’s Civil Aviation agency.

Five people have died after a freight flight crashed after overrunning the runway at an airport in Colombia. One person is believed to have survived the crash, early reports suggest. The survivor was reportedly taken to San Juan de Dios Hospital, according to AFP.

The cargo plane is believed to have crashed in a field outside Puerto Carreno in Colombia, killing all but one on board. Another video shows a huge explosion and black cloud rising from the wreckage and the aftermath.

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