Woman From Uttar Pradesh Shot Dead After Named In The Murder Case Of Her Husband

Police Report: After being involved in a dishonor killing case, a woman was killed by her cousin in the village of Haiderpur, Muzaffarnagar.

Shivani was killed by Sumit Kumar, her cousin on Sunday after he found about her affair with Anuj, her cousin, and after he learned that she was also named in the murder case of her husband.

Officer Alok Sharma said that Sumit Kumar confessed the crime he committed to the police, he said that he did this as Shivani tarnished the image of the family.

On Sunday, both Shivani and Anuj were named in the murder case of Shivani’s husband.

The husband of Shivani was shot dead on 4 March 2019 while he was returning home on a motorcycle just after a weak he got married with Shivani. Shivani was married on February 28, 2019.

The dead body of Shivani has been sent for an autopsy. The police said that Sumit used a pistol to kill Shivani.


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