Woman Gets Dragged After Trying To Fight Robbers Who Stole Her Purse

A 53-year-old woman escaped death after she was dragged for 15 feet behind a motorcycle as she tried to catch the thieves who stole her purse in Janakpuri, Delhi on Friday afternoon. A CCTV camera caught the incident, the footage shows the 53-year-old woman falling and getting dragged while she held her purse.

The robbery happened in front of a police booth in the Janakpuri area at 4 PM on Friday. The woman can be seen getting dragged for about 25 meters.

The purse of the woman had around Rs. 20,000 in it and important documents. The 53-year-old woman has filed a complaint in the police station about the incident.

The police said that they are trying to identify the snatchers. The identities of the robbers are still unknown as both of them were wearing helmets.

The incident happened on Friday, 8 March 2019, which was on the International Women’s Day. The 53-year-old woman got several injuries on her waist, face, knees, and hands.



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